Medieval maps – fabulous, inaccurate, and awful nice for to look at

Here are some splendid medieval maps. While they might sometimes be inaccurate, and even downright silly, nobody can possibly say that all of them are simple T maps, with Jerusalem at the center.  Some of them, like the map of Scandinavia, are verging on the accurate. Others of these maps depict cities and such. […]


Alas, the Mona Lisa… I knew her, Horatio!

Some researchers in Italy are excitedly announcing that they may have, at last, found the bones of the real life Mona Lisa who posed for Leonardo da Vinci back in the 1500s. They found some fragments in a convent where she is thought to have retired after a brilliant career of sitting around, smiling in […]

a typical saddle goose
Photo: Wikpedia

42 Old English Insults

Has anyone ever called you a drate-poke?  Has anyone ever pointed in your general direction, saying, “Be off with you, you fopdoddle!”  ?? Have you ever had to endure the hurt of being called a saddle-goose? If you have escaped these misfortunes, then count yourself lucky.  In medieval England, nasty insults of this kind were […]

In the Dark Ages, people were running hither and thither - frankly, they were vandalizing like a bunch of Huns.  But they were also mating with each other like a bunch of Saxon dogs.

Your DNA is teaching us about medieval history! Who knew your DNA was such a brainiac?

I don’t know if you know this, but your DNA, Kyle, has been teaching a lot about history lately.  It turns out DNA studies can confirm some of the details about mass migrations recorded in the history books.  For instance, the so-called barbarian invasions and all the resulting admixture show up as a lot of […]


Next show on ‘Past Perfect!’: Prof. Dame Averil Cameron

CEU Medieval Radio proudly presents our next show on ‘Past Perfect!’ (May 24-28), featuring Prof. Dame Averil Cameron from the University of Oxford, who is chair of the Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research, and President of CBRL (Council for British Research in the Levant). She and Chris will discuss Byzantine historiography and intellectual history, religious […]


“Past Perfect!” Features Judith Rasson

CEU Medieval Radio proudly presents our next show on ‘Past Perfect!’ (April 16), featuring Judith Rasson from the Central European University in Budapest, who will discuss cultural anthropology and ethnography in historical studies, medieval textiles and medieval memorial monuments on the Balkans. Past Perfect! is CEU Medieval Radio’s show on medieval and early modern history […]

giant snail

The Giant Snail Conspiracy ‘Unveiled’

The people at the Mirror continue to do cutting edge medieval scholarship and continue to release findings that the stodgy academics don’t want you to know! In this article, they consider the possibility that medieval snails were as big as humans because margin doodles in medieval manuscripts sometimes show humans battling giant snails. Check the […]


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