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Help Us Collect 1,000,000 likes on Facebook

CEU Medieval Radio is seeking to collect 1,000,000 likes on their Facebook site with their campaign called 1MM ('One Million Medievalists'). CEU Medieval Radio is non-profit oriented initiative and is run only by the enthusiasm of a handful of medievalist doctoral students. Please support their work with helping them find 1,000,000 medievalists that is collect… Continue reading Help Us Collect 1,000,000 likes on Facebook

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‘Past Perfect!’ Continues

CEU Medieval Radio proudly presents next week's Past Perfect! (April 28-30 and May 1/2) featuring Dr. Alex Brown, research associate, and Dr. Aleks Pluskowski, lecturer in medieval archaeology, both from the Department of Archaeology at the University of Reading, who will present their ongoing research project entitled The Ecology of Crusading: The Environmental Impact of… Continue reading ‘Past Perfect!’ Continues