Past Perfect! · Peter Burke

‘Past Perfect!’ Continues: Peter Burke

CEU Medieval Radio proudly presents this week's episode on  'Past Perfect!' (December 15, 17-19), featuring Professor Peter Burke, Life Fellow and Professor Emeritus of Cultural History at Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge, who will talk about new and interdisciplinary approaches to the historical discipline, popular culture in the early modern period, as well as about… Continue reading ‘Past Perfect!’ Continues: Peter Burke

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‘Past Perfect!’ Continues: Jennifer Davis

CEU Medieval Radio proudly presents this week's episode of 'Past Perfect!' (December 8, 10-12), featuring Dr. Jennifer Davis, Assistant Professor at the Catholic University of America in Washington DC and Associate Director of the Medieval and Byzantine Studies, who will talk about the kingship of Charlemagne, law and justice in the Carolingian Empire, as well… Continue reading ‘Past Perfect!’ Continues: Jennifer Davis

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‘Past Perfect!’ Continues: Benedek Lang

CEU Medieval Radio proudly presents this week's 'Past Perfect!' (December 3-5) featuring Benedek Lang, Associate Professor at Budapest University of Technology and Economics talking about magical texts and cryptography in the later Middle Ages. Past Perfect! is CEU Medieval Radio's show on medieval and early modern history and culture in association with Civil Radio FM98,… Continue reading ‘Past Perfect!’ Continues: Benedek Lang