CEU Medieval Radio is a non-profit oriented initiative to popularize medieval and early modern music, history and culture, and it is so far Central European University’s first and only radio station. CEU Medieval Radio is run by students of the Medieval Studies Department, and it plays authentic pre-1700 music, a weekly talk show, and spots promoting the Medieval Studies Department’s public events.


The radio is currently accessible in live streaming. If you are listening to us from a smartphone, you can access the radio via apps like TuneIn or Radio.net.


Past Perfect! is CEU Medieval Radio’s show on medieval and early modern history and culture, where Christopher Mielke casually discusses with his guests various issues from the crusades to archeozoology to medieval urine sampling. The discussions are made with the aim to popularize medieval and early modern studies with the help of experts such as early musicians, historians, philologists, archeologists, etc.


CEU Medieval Radio’s contract with Hungarian copyright agencies Mahasz and EJI give the radio a legal status but also make it subject to a copyright fee calculated by the two agencies on basis of the radio’s quarterly playlist reports.

CEU Medieval Radio’s webcast is transmitted through a radio server, whose renting also costs a bit.

Arranging radio programme recordings shows in the CEU Medieval Radio Team’s phone bills, and producing audio materials takes an enormous amount of the team members’ time and hard work on a daily basis. The latter, of course, cannot be translated into an exact figure.

Additional expenses like purchasing CDs and medieval tracks from the internet to maintain the radio’s music repertoire, renting server space for podcasts, purchasing voice recorders, microphones, etc. make running CEU Medieval Radio a costly enterprise.


CEU Medieval Radio’s copyright fees and radio server rental are covered by Central European University’s Medieval Studies Department. All other expenses are covered by the members of the CEU Medieval Radio Team.


If you found the Radio useful or entertaining, you can now support us by donating to the Medieval Studies Department. Please click here to access the donation site. Under “Designation” please select Medieval Radio. Thanks!

Also, any kind of non-monetary contribution, be it server space contributions, legally acquired CDs or music tracks, voluntary technical and IT support, etc. are much needed, and would help keep CEU Medieval Radio alive.

23 thoughts on “FAQ

      1. Hi! We’ve looked into it and the stream seems to be working. It’s possible that there may be some problem with your music player, which sometimes happen if they are updated. Do let us know if you still are having problems using a different media player. The home page should be working as well. If you are still having problems with accessing the home page let us know!

  1. I was so excited to find you! But it is so difficult to listen/live stream that I will have to give up trying. I can get one piece of music at a time only. Then need to start over again–and that is often not successful. It sounds as if I am having the same experience as others going back some time. Can we hear from someone at CEU/Past Perfect?

  2. Dear friends of CEU Medieval Radio channel:
    My name is Rafael and I hear them from Valencia (Spain) through a mobile application, called Minne, however, have trouble connecting with radio channel, I only can listen to two songs, and then cut communication,I dont know whether it is your server or mine, something I do not happen in other channels. In any case, it is a spectacular canal, I love the selection. I would also include Gregorian chant, etc. Ambrosiano I hope that in the next few days I connect you can listen well. Thanks

  3. Trying to listen through Tune In, the streaming app. Horrible stream!! It is constant fluttering. Can you correct it or not? Do you care or not?

  4. What has happened lately? The stream is clear going through Tune IN app. Has the hardware been updated and replaced? The stream is continuous now without stop & go & delays & no fluttering.

  5. Hello, I’ve just found the perfect radio to study, work, concentrate, relax and also sleep. It would be great if at least each hour or so, the names of the music, composers, that are being played would be mentioned. This radio has tremendous potential. With good ideas, there’s a lot of creative and educational small segments that could take place, adding to the atmosphere. No streaming problems at all from where I am. I’m from Argentina, listening from Hong Kong.

    1. Hi there! Adding information about the music we play is something we are currently working on and hope to get it out to the listeners soon. Thanks for your comments and happy to hear the stream is working for you!

    1. Hi! Due to some issues with the server the radio stream isn’t working well and probably will be down for a while. We are updating our server so hopefully it won’t take too long to get it back up and running. We will post an update when the radio is back up and working properly.

  6. My primary streaming device is an AV receiver which I am planning to replace. The new model only supports internet radio via TuneIn.

    Though I saw a reference to TuneIn earlier in this thread, searching the TuneIn site doesn’t reveal CEU Medieval Radio.

    IS CEU Medieval Radio available through TuneIn or not? If not, are you considering going that route ( https://tunein.com/broadcasters/ )?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi! Due to some issues with the server the radio stream isn’t working well and probably will be down for a while. We are updating our server so hopefully it won’t take too long to get it back up and running. We will post an update when the radio is back up and working properly. We will look into if CEU Medieval Radio is available through Tuneln as well.

  7. I just (3/31/19) discovered that you ARE now listed on TuneIn!!! Thank you (enter exponentiation factor here)!

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