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The Giant Snail Conspiracy ‘Unveiled’

The people at the Mirror continue to do cutting edge medieval scholarship and continue to release findings that the stodgy academics don't want you to know! In this article, they consider the possibility that medieval snails were as big as humans because margin doodles in medieval manuscripts sometimes show humans battling giant snails. Check the… Continue reading The Giant Snail Conspiracy ‘Unveiled’


Justice to the “Hunchbacked Toad”

Huzzah! Today is a great day. Richard III, despised tyrant of Shakespeare's play, is being reburied with full honours and much fanfare. A troop of 200 children followed Richard III and his funeral bier to Leicester Cathedral, and this time around, not one of the children in Richard's company simply vanished. This shows that Richard… Continue reading Justice to the “Hunchbacked Toad”

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Next Year Don’t Forget to Celebrate Nasir al-Din Tusi Day!

The Middle Ages wouldn't be what they are without the Mongol Empire! But did you know that the Mongols didn't always just kill people? They were also interested in patronizing scientists and artists, particularly in Iran. About a month ago, it was Nasir al-Din Tusi Day in Iran. Nasir al-Din Tusi was a scientist who… Continue reading Next Year Don’t Forget to Celebrate Nasir al-Din Tusi Day!

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Undressing for Tax Cuts: The Story of Lady Godiva

Have you ever wondered about the story of Lady Godiva, the medieval Anglo-Saxon noble, who rode her horse through a town - sans garments! - to get her husband, the vicious duke, to lower taxes for the citizenry? The vicious duke dared her to do this shameless act in exchange for the lowering of taxes,… Continue reading Undressing for Tax Cuts: The Story of Lady Godiva

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Michael Rank’s History Podcasts

CEU Medieval Radio proudly announces its cooperation with historian, writer and ex-journalist Michael Rank, whose Five Minute History podcasts from now on will be a regular feature on CEU Medieval Radio's programme. Kicking off with an episode on 'How Genghis Khan Conquered the World' today (July 1) at 7:00 pm CET and 7:00 pm EDT,… Continue reading Michael Rank’s History Podcasts

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The 1688th Anniversary of the Council of Nicea

On May 20, 325 the First Council of Nicaea was held, establishing a consensus for much of the doctrine of the early Christian church. Its main accomplishments were settlement of the Christological issue of the nature of God the Son and his relationship to God the Father,  the construction of the first part of the… Continue reading The 1688th Anniversary of the Council of Nicea

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A Collection of Medieval Images on DiscardingImages

A rich collection of images from illuminated manuscripts is available on DiscardingImages. Although the illustrations seem odd to most modern-day viewers, they are a valid reflection of medieval European thinking and beliefs. These medieval depictions of imaginary animals, venereal diseases, and deviant human behaviour are a lot of fun but those seeking visual sources for… Continue reading A Collection of Medieval Images on DiscardingImages

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Help Us Collect 1,000,000 likes on Facebook

CEU Medieval Radio is seeking to collect 1,000,000 likes on their Facebook site with their campaign called 1MM ('One Million Medievalists'). CEU Medieval Radio is non-profit oriented initiative and is run only by the enthusiasm of a handful of medievalist doctoral students. Please support their work with helping them find 1,000,000 medievalists that is collect… Continue reading Help Us Collect 1,000,000 likes on Facebook