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Medieval Writers “Bad sex in fiction” awards

My dear fellow defrocked priests and banished nuns, Know this! 2015 is almost over and the winner for the "Bad Sex in Fiction" award took place on December 1st. Apparently 2015, had no shortage of fiction which depicted some of this "funny business" as we at CEU Medieval Radio call it.  So it was very… Continue reading Medieval Writers “Bad sex in fiction” awards

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42 Old English Insults

Has anyone ever called you a drate-poke?  Has anyone ever pointed in your general direction, saying, "Be off with you, you fopdoddle!"  ?? Have you ever had to endure the hurt of being called a saddle-goose? If you have escaped these misfortunes, then count yourself lucky.  In medieval England, nasty insults of this kind were… Continue reading 42 Old English Insults