Optional Players

If, by any chance, CEU Medieval Radio does not start playing when you click on ‘LISTEN LIVE!’, here are a few alternative options you can try.


Windows Media Player

real player

Real Player


Quicktime Player


VLC, Amarok, Winamp


24 comments on “Optional Players

  1. For use in a VLC playlist:

  2. This is a real treat, thank you for being there!

  3. Cannot get the URL for VLC
    to work in VLC anymore. get only error message now.

    Adding the windows URL
    does work, however

  4. I received no answer about this post of last February 10 on Facebook and by email. – I can no more access your “listen live” url: which does not work from your red button “Listen Live Audio Streaming” on your website . I’m used to listen to your station with on my hifi chain. Last november I gave them this new listen url, which they changed. But it does not respond any more! I would appreciate very much if you could repair this, so that I could enjoy again the pleasure of listening to your station which I like very much.

    • Dear Robert,

      Our server provider has transferred the stream to another IP address yet again without informing the Team about it. Thank you for letting us know that the stream is is inaccessable at the old address.

      The new IP address is

      I’ll let others know about it on the website and on Facebook as well.

      All the best,

      • Thank you for the information. Now I can listen to your radio again. Hoping that your problems will resolve. It would be a great loss not having you! Let me know if I can do anything to help…

  5. Streams stops often after jingle.

  6. Nothing works. Impossible to listen. Given up.

  7. Not working, I tried the latest URL ( and it’s not working on any player, not even in the browser with the links provided on your page. And I doubt the fact that they blocked it in the CEU Dormitory…

  8. Love the station, but your stream has been unreliable over the past several days on my iPod (I use Internet Radio Box). It cuts out suddenly and makes me sit through the bouncer again as it reconnects. Worse still, it won’t play anything but the bouncer on my computer (iTunes). I’d like to feature CEU Medieval Radio on the blog. Could we get this problem fixed?

    Net Radio Blog

  9. Thanks! You were streaming better on IRB last night; just a few reconnects. Still not practical on iTunes.

    But still listening!

    Net Radio Blog

  10. I love your radio station. But the streamming cuts out all the time. I only can listen one or two song. I use my lap top and VLC. I have tried to listen the steamming by tune in but the same. How could I listen the streaming without cutting all the time?

  11. CEU Medieval Radio is the Station of the Moment on Net Radio Blog!

  12. I love your station! It’s my favorite of all the streaming stations I’ve listened to. Unfortunately, nothing on Android can play it. I’ve tried several players and nothing works. Some players refuse to play your stream. Others play one or two pieces and either stop playing or sound like they are underwater. The Tune In Radio app has the underwater problem. Even VLC with the last URL above only plays for a few minutes and stops. How can I play my favorite music? Thanks.

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