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Medieval potions help fight dangerous bacteria

People used to laugh at medieval medical practices, and they still do from time to time.  Especially we tend to laugh when we read of medieval doctors bleeding people, or talking about the 4 humours and vital spirits.  We also laugh at the popular idea that witches caused illness, when in fact we know now… Continue reading Medieval potions help fight dangerous bacteria

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Elves – can we really trust them?

Nowadays everyone has a positive association with elves...  That sounds weird, but what I mean to say is that people like elves. They think of them as handsome Orlando Bloom types with pointy ears, long flowing hair, and of course they are pretty good with a bow and arrow. Or, more significantly at this time… Continue reading Elves – can we really trust them?

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Medieval Writers “Bad sex in fiction” awards

My dear fellow defrocked priests and banished nuns, Know this! 2015 is almost over and the winner for the "Bad Sex in Fiction" award took place on December 1st. Apparently 2015, had no shortage of fiction which depicted some of this "funny business" as we at CEU Medieval Radio call it.  So it was very… Continue reading Medieval Writers “Bad sex in fiction” awards

Benjamin Linley Wild · Past Perfect!

Benjamin Linley Wild in ‘Past Perfect!’

CEU Medieval Radio proudly presents the next episode of  'Past Perfect!' (April 2), featuring Benjamin Linley Wild, a faculty member at the Sherborne School in Dorset and a guest lecturer at the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design in London, who will talk about clothing and fashion in the Middle Ages, including the wardrobe… Continue reading Benjamin Linley Wild in ‘Past Perfect!’

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‘Past Perfect!’ Programme Schedule for 2015

Estella Weiss-Krejci (Academy of Sciences, Vienna) February 1-5, 2015 Burial norms (excarnation & evisceration), Austrian & Mayan comparisons Timothy Dawson (Independent Researcher) February 15-19, 2015 Military, Court, and Women’s dress in the Eastern Mediterranean Daniel Ziemann (CEU) March 1-5, 2015 First Bulgarian State, Ottonians & the East, Canon Law Brett Whalen (UNC-Chapel Hill) March 15-19,… Continue reading ‘Past Perfect!’ Programme Schedule for 2015

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‘Past Perfect!’ Continues: Janos M. Bak

CEU Medieval Radio proudly presents this week's Past Perfect!' (October 20, 22-23), featuring Dr. János M. Bak, Professor Emeritus at the Department of Medieval Studies at CEU, Budapest as well as at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Bak will talk about kingship, coronation ritual, and laws in the medieval Kingdom of Hungary. Past Perfect!… Continue reading ‘Past Perfect!’ Continues: Janos M. Bak

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‘Past Perfect!’ is Going on Holiday

It was amlost a year ago when we launched 'Past Perfect!', CEU Medieval Radio's weekly talk show on medieval and early modern history and culture. As we close 'Past Perfect!' for August, we feel obliged to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to the making of the programme and most importantly to all… Continue reading ‘Past Perfect!’ is Going on Holiday

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‘Past Perfect!’ Weekend this Saturday

CEU Medieval Radio proudly presents its 'Past Perfect!' Weekend dedicated to the radio's weekly talk show on medieval and early modern history and culture. Tune in to CEU Medieval Radio this Saturday (June 1) to listen to the best episodes of last and this year's 'Past Perfect!'. 'Past Perfect!' is CEU Medieval Radio’s show on… Continue reading ‘Past Perfect!’ Weekend this Saturday