Justice to the “Hunchbacked Toad”

Huzzah! Today is a great day. Richard III, despised tyrant of Shakespeare's play, is being reburied with full honours and much fanfare. A troop of 200 children followed Richard III and his funeral bier to Leicester Cathedral, and this time around, not one of the children in Richard's company simply vanished. This shows that Richard… Continue reading Justice to the “Hunchbacked Toad”

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Britons Quarrel over the Remains of Richard III

Now that the long lost remains of Richard III have been identified, it seems that deciding over the late king's new resting place will cause troblems on par with Richard's infamous character. Leicester City Council and Leicester University, which conducted the archaeological dig and forensic examination, want Richard be buried at St Martin’s Cathedral in… Continue reading Britons Quarrel over the Remains of Richard III