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Win with 1MM!

CEU Medieval Radio Launches its ‘One Million Medievalists (1MM)’ Campaign

We at CEU MedieCEU Medieval Radio T-shirtval Radio believe that the Middle Ages and the Renaissance affect out lives even today. We also believe that in a world of 2.4 billion internet users we can find one million medieval and Renaissance enthusiasts to like our Facebook fan site.

If you, like us, get the buzz when you listen to medieval or renaissance music, or read and think about the Middle Ages and the early modern period as often as we do, or if you just cannot stop playing medieval themed games, you are a medievalist just like we are.

As CEU Medieval Radio is a non-profit initiative which does not accept donations and is kept alive only by the hard work of the CEU Medieval Radio Team, all we ask for is your help with making CEU Medieval Radio the only medieval themed initiative on the internet with Facebook likes.

If you are up for the challgenge, like our Facebook fan site so you can win CEU Medieval Radio T-shirts, CEU Press publications, and DVDs.

The challenge starts now. Come join 1MM.


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