Welcome to CEU Medieval Radio!

CEU Medieval Radio is a non-profit oriented initiative to popularize medieval and early modern music, history and culture, and it is so far Central European University’s first and only radio station. CEU Medieval Radio is run by students of the Medieval Studies Department, and it plays authentic pre-1700 music, a podcast series and spots promoting the Medieval Studies Department’s public events.

The radio is currently accessible in live streaming. If you are listening to us from a smartphone, you can access the radio via apps like TuneIn or Radio.net.


CEU Medieval Radio Podcast is a collection of past episodes of the radio’s weekly talk shows Past Perfect!, Echoes of Early, and New Faces, New Ideas, made by the Radio team and broadcasted on CEU Medieval Radio and CEU’s Podcast Library.

You’ll find all available episodes and short descriptions of their content under the Blog>Podcast tab. All epiodes are also available at Podcasts of CEU Medieval Radio or on any major web radio portal (Reciva, V-Tuner, RadioTuna, etc.).

What is ‘Past Perfect!’?

Past Perfect! is CEU Medieval Radio’s show on medieval and early modern history and culture, where radio team casually discuss with their guests anything medieval from Alcuin to zooarcheology.


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