BREAKING: CEU Needs Your Support

  The Hungarian government has proposed amendments to the National Higher Education Law that would make it impossible for Central European University – and possibly other international institutions – to continue operations within the country. These changes would endanger the academic freedom vital for CEU’s continued operation in Budapest and would strike a blow against […]

Happy Holidays!

To all our listeners, hailing from many coasts, we wish thee a Merry Christmas. It’s been a good year for our station, and we’re planning some big things for the coming one, including many new interviews with some high profile medievalists. We might even try our hand at a publication. And of course, we’re looking […]

Anne Boleyn, we long for to see you!

A possible portrait of Anne Boleyn was identified using facial recognition software of all things.  Up until now there is no portrait of her except that on a battered bronze disk.  After her execution, Big Brother Henry made her an unperson so her portraits disappeared pretty quickly.  The medal survived by chance, perhaps because it […]

Just how Anglo-Saxon are the English? 38%!

Very exciting article published recently: The topic of just how much the Anglo-Saxon immigration affected modern British genetics has been a hotly contested one, ever since Merlin pegged the Anglo-Saxon ancestry of England at about 90%. Recent genetic studies looked at the modern population of Britain’s DNA and suggested all kinds of things.  Some […]

A Scottish Castle Teeters on the Brink of Oblivion

In the words of Percy Bysshe Shelly:  “Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair.” Abergeldie Castle in Scotland, dating from the 16th century and situated close to the royal residence of Balmoral, is facing destruction after the bank of the Dee river gave way.  Now frantic work is underway to stop the erosion and […]

Medieval potions help fight dangerous bacteria

People used to laugh at medieval medical practices, and they still do from time to time.  Especially we tend to laugh when we read of medieval doctors bleeding people, or talking about the 4 humours and vital spirits.  We also laugh at the popular idea that witches caused illness, when in fact we know now […]

Travelling – the Medieval Way

Dearest listeners and voyeurs, CEU Medieval Radio wishes all of you a most salubrious 2016, full of good happenings! The year ended on a happy note for a former physics teacher, cum medieval pilgrim, Steven Payne who walked the medieval pilgrim’s route from Southampton to Canterbury this month.  He completed the journey, arriving in Canterbury […]

Reconstruction of the Medieval Crown of Bulgarian Monarchs

Good news to all of our listeners who deplore the loss of the medieval crown of Bulgaria’s kings! Recently the crown of Bulgaria’s medieval kings was reconstructed and is now being exhibited in Sofia’s National History Museum Check the link! The crown was created for kings of the second Bulgarian dynasty around 1200.  Bulgaria’s […]

Elves – can we really trust them?

Nowadays everyone has a positive association with elves…  That sounds weird, but what I mean to say is that people like elves. They think of them as handsome Orlando Bloom types with pointy ears, long flowing hair, and of course they are pretty good with a bow and arrow. Or, more significantly at this time […]

Statues of wild men: the medieval equivalent of some popular figurine of modern times?

Recently a medieval treasure was unearthed in England.  It’s a figurine of a wild man, brandishing a club and a set of powerful beard hairs. Check the link: What is strange is that such figurines were common in the Middle Ages if the art historians and archaeologists can be believed.   A very common […]

Medieval Writers “Bad sex in fiction” awards

My dear fellow defrocked priests and banished nuns, Know this! 2015 is almost over and the winner for the “Bad Sex in Fiction” award took place on December 1st. Apparently 2015, had no shortage of fiction which depicted some of this “funny business” as we at CEU Medieval Radio call it.  So it was very […]

Thanks to our fans for supporting CEU Medieval Radio!

This is a special message to just say thanks for all the support from all the medieval music lovers out there.