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Solidarity with the victims of war

We at Medieval Radio would like to extend our concern for those affected by the war in Ukraine, especially for members of the CEU community from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus who are in danger now and whose family, friends and colleagues are threatened by this war and the political situation.

We have collected some ways in which you can help even if you live far away. The best course of action is to contact the local Ukrainian Embassy where you live and ask them if there is any organized effort you can help with. However, there are also charity organizations that have sprung into action to help out those in need:

Local smaller charities:

Budapest Bike Maffia – they are an effective charity, they have already brought a lot of donations like canned food, hygienic stuff, water, etc. to the Hungarian-Ukranian border. They are not a big NGO, that is why they don’t have an English site. See this post for a breakdown of what the Hungarian text means. You can donate using a credit/debit card.

♥ M. Pokrova Charitable Foundation
“There are two ways to support the organisation: Firstly, if you know of any charity organisation that wants to send supplies to Ukraine, do not hesitate to contact us. The organisation will be able to facilitate the border crossing and distribution. Secondly, you can donate. In a situation like this, every little donation can make a difference. The donation accounts is as follows:
Registered office: 90232 Nagybégány, Arany János u. 6/a Ukraine
Name of representative: Miklós Egressy
Tax number: UA38325163
Account holder financial institution: MKB Bank
Bank account number (IBAN number): HU30 10300002-10622566-49020010

Or Donate with Paypal (or a credit or debit card) here:…

In case of any questions don’t hesitate to contact us: “

Larger Organisations:

♥ People in Need – a Czech NGO have set up a donation site where you can specifically donate to help send humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

We will expand this list with trustworthy NGOs as time goes on. Please share it with anyone who needs a list of charity organizations to donate to.


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