Past Perfect! with Christina Antenhofer

What do the bridal inventories of Paula Gonzaga (1478) and Bianca Maria Sforza (1493) tell us about their familial relations, lives, and expectations? In the new episode of Past Perfect, Christina Antenhofer casts a new light on the relationships between people and their material possessions in pre-Modern Europe. You can listen to it on our… Continue reading Past Perfect! with Christina Antenhofer

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What is it like at the Medieval Studies Department at CEU?

What is it like to study at CEU's Medieval Studies Department? As the application deadlines for the CEU Master Programs are approaching, we want to encourage those who want to join our wonderful Department of Medieval Studies in Vienna. Thus, we prepared a short podcast in which you can hear us talk with Department Head… Continue reading What is it like at the Medieval Studies Department at CEU?


The Melodies of Christmastime returns!

Dear listeners,you might remember our coverage of Late Medieval Songs from the Kingdom of Hungary - in case you do not, it's right here (click!). ­čÖé It is our great pleasure to announce that the podcast version, narrated by our great friend and long-time contributor Karen Culver is available on our youtube channel. You can… Continue reading The Melodies of Christmastime returns!


Past Perfect! with M├íria Vargha

Dear listeners! The new episode of Past Perfect is out! In this interview, M├íria Vargha shares with us her new perspective on the Christianization of Central Europe, based on the insights offered by the geospatial analysis of the archeological data and approaches in digital humanities. Please listen to the episode here: http://ceumedievalradiopodcast.ceu.hu/?name=2022-12-09_past_perfect_with_maria_vargha_9_12_2022.mp3 EDIT: You can… Continue reading Past Perfect! with M├íria Vargha


Past Perfect! with Lenka Panu┼íkov├í

The new episode of Past Perfect is a short conversation with Lenka Panu┼íkov├í, in which she talks about the illuminations of Passional of the Abbess Kunigunde in the context of female devotional practices of the fourteenth century. As always, you can find the episode on your website: http://ceumedievalradiopodcast.ceu.hu/?name=2022-11-25_pastperfect_25_11_panuskova.mp3 EDIT: you can also listen to the… Continue reading Past Perfect! with Lenka Panu┼íkov├í


Past Perfect! with ├ëlo├»se Adde

Dear Listeners, the new episode of our podcast Past Perfect! is available on our radio's website! In this episode, Micha┼é Machalski speaks with ├ëlo├»se Adde, Assistant Professor at Central European University's Medieval Studies Department on the topic of the medieval nation. Is nationhood a nineteenth-century phenomenon, or can it also be found in the Middle… Continue reading Past Perfect! with ├ëlo├»se Adde


Past Perfect! with Maarten Prak

In this episode of Past Perfect!, Karen Culver talks with Maarten Prak about his latest book "Citizens without Nations: Urban Citizenship in Europe and the World c. 1000-1789". Maarten discusses how urban citizenship functioned in medieval and early modern Europe and how the definition of citizenship status impacts urban and national governance in the period… Continue reading Past Perfect! with Maarten Prak