Past Perfect! with Éloïse Adde

Dear Listeners, the new episode of our podcast Past Perfect! is available on our radio’s website!

In this episode, Michał Machalski speaks with Éloïse Adde, Assistant Professor at Central European University’s Medieval Studies Department on the topic of the medieval nation.

Is nationhood a nineteenth-century phenomenon, or can it also be found in the Middle Ages? If so, what does it look like and how is it different from a modern one? The search for the answers to these questions will take them to multiple parts of the vast domain of Luxemburgs, one of the most important medieval dynasties.

Please listen to the episode here: http://ceumedievalradiopodcast.ceu.hu/?name=2022-10-26_adde_past_perfect_28_09.mp3

EDIT: you can now also listen to the interview on our YouTube channel or simply click the embedded video below:


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