Past Perfect! with Bernhard Palme

Dear Listeners, the new episode of our podcast Past Perfect! is available on our radio’s website!

How widespread was the use of papyri in Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages? What kind of documents were written on papyrus and what do they tell us about societies of Eastern Mediterranean? How even fragmentary papyri can cast a new light on dramatic political events from early Byzantine History? These are only some of the questions we asked our guest, Bernhard Palme, professor of Ancient History and Papyrology at the University of Vienna and a director of the Papyrus Museum of the Austrian National Library.

As always, you can find the episode on your website: http://ceumedievalradiopodcast.ceu.hu/?name=2022-11-11_palme_past_perfect_11_11_2022.mp3

EDIT: You can also listen to it on our YoutTube channel, or simply click the embedded video below:


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