The Melodies of Christmastime returns!

Dear listeners,you might remember our coverage of Late Medieval Songs from the Kingdom of Hungary - in case you do not, it's right here (click!). ­čÖé It is our great pleasure to announce that the podcast version, narrated by our great friend and long-time contributor Karen Culver is available on our youtube channel. You can… Continue reading The Melodies of Christmastime returns!

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Our friends at MECERN are doing podcasts now

Dear Listeners! We are delighted to announce that our friends at MECERN recently started to produce podcasts in which they interview scholars who study Medieval Central Europe. One of the Radio's top contributors, CEU alumni Karen Culver conducts the interviews that proved very enjoyable. Please visit their website to listen to the podcasts: https://www.mecern.eu/index.php/podcast/ You… Continue reading Our friends at MECERN are doing podcasts now