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Welcome to CEU Medieval Radio

CEU Medieval Radio.jpgCEU Medieval Radio has come a long way since it began transmitting in April 2012. In the last nine months our listener base has grown from nill to 3,000, and at present our audience tune in to CEU Medieval Radio almost 6,000 times a month. Our greatly successful weekly talk show entitled ‘Past Perfect!’ has been running for 29 consecutive weeks and has featured such internationally renowned medievalists and early modernists as Natalie Zemon Davis, Gerhard Jaritz, and Nicholas Coureas. We have streamed a total of 29,000 medieval and renaissance tracks, and received lots of kind comments on Facebook and via e-mail from four continents.

As much as we are satisfied with having been able to bring joy and meaningful programming to so many of you, lately we have started to feel that our static and excessively boring old website was much of a turn-off for most of you. So here is our new website, where we are combining what we have been doing on our Facebook site and what we have failed to do on our old website: will serve as an online hub for medieval and Renaissance enthusiasts, where news, podcasts, and CEU Medieval Radio’s stream will be available in an exciting new environment.

Explore and spread the word — CEU Medieval Radio is on the rise!


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