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CEU Medieval Radio’s Own Podcasts

After a yePodcastar of disappointment, on both our and the listeners’ end, by not being able to share episodes of ‘Past Perfect!’ with those who cannot listen to the show on the stream, CEU Medieval Radio has finally got enough server space to start podcasting. Thanks to Szilard Bedecs, CEU Medieval Radio has now joined the world of podcasters!

As you have probably noticed already, the ‘Podcasts’ page, which has so far been blank, now features three quick links where you can download three earlier episodes of ‘Past Perfect!’. However, if you would like to browse our podcast page, we have also placed a podcast box on the main page where the most recent feed will appear from now on just beneath the Facebook on the side bar. The links featured there lead you to ‘CEU Medieval Radio Podcasts’.

For now you will be able to listen three earlier episodes of ‘Past Perfect!’ but we will keep updating the podcast box on the website so you can listen to the shows you missed on the stream. Until the next update, please let us know what you think about these three.


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