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The Middle Ages Were Fun!

Another article that speaks well of the merry old Middle Ages, deploring our use of the term “medieval” to convey something barbaric like the time people fought in Walmart over Tickle-Me Elmos and it was caught on video and posted on Youtube!
Not so, says the writer. Not so. The Middle Ages were actually a glorious time when people made fancy stuff and sold it at sickeningly high prices, usually at Renaissance Fairs. And you want literature? The medieval times had literature coming out the wazoo, by gar, it did! This article points out some great medieval writers: Peter Abelard, Peter Lombard, Peter Lombabel, Thomas of St. Peter, and Peter of St. Thomas, just to name a few! If you want to read homilies today, sorry buddy, but you’re in the wrong era by a few centuries. Try the Middle Ages on for size.

Art, music, cures for dropsy… the Middle Ages had it all! Check out the article, and be inspired:

(Photo: The Catholic Herald)


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