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Call for Papers: COPING WITH CRISIS: Undergraduate Conference in History

The Department of History and the Department of Medieval Studies at Central European University in Budapest invite undergraduate students to rethink the causes and manifestations of social, political, and cultural crises in history and the various ways communities and individuals coped with them. The departments invite proposals for papers from undergraduates around the world who analyze through particular case studies or broader overviews the perceptions and explanations for fall and rise, as well as responses and coping strategies to these challenges. Proposals from all thematic areas (social history, economic history, military history, political history, cultural history, history of material culture, gender history, religious history, intellectual history, cultural heritage studies, art history, archaeology, and more) and all historical periods from Antiquity to the present will be considered, without geographic restriction. Preference, however, will be given to proposals with interesting approaches and well-defined research questions, objectives, and results.


  • the language of the conference and the papers is English
  • proposals should not exceed 250 words
  • all applications must be submitted through the conference website: history.ceu.edu/conference
  • deadline: Monday, May 7, 2018. Late applications will be considered on a case by case basis


  • papers should be 2000 to max. 3000 words long
  • deadline: Monday, July 30, 2018
  • at the conference participants will present a 10-12 minute summary of their papers in thematic panels.


A fee of 75 Euro applies to all accepted participants. It includes:

  • Three nights’ accommodation in single rooms in the CEU Residence Center
  • Breakfast
  • Coffee breaks and receptions
  • Guided tours
  • 72 hour public transport pass
  • Free Wi-Fi


Departments of History and Medieval Studies

Supporting CEU units:

· Center for Religious Studies

· Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies

· Cultural Heritage Studies Program

· Specialization in Political Thought

For the detailed program, please visit the conference website.

For inquiries, please send e-mail to: undergraduateconference2018@ceu.edu


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