Past Perfect! with Verena Krebs now available!

A brand new episode of Past Perfect! is now available to stream and download! In this episode our own Chris Mielke interviews Dr. Verena Krebs. They discuss topics ranging from cross-cultural exchange in the Middle Ages to the history and culture of Ethiopia, and investigate the question: how did European art from the 15th century find its way into all sorts of Ethiopian monasteries? To listen to the podcast please click here.

Dr. Krebs is a Junior Professor at Ruhr-University Bochum. Dr. Krebs received her PhD from the University of Constance, Germany, and Mekelle University, Ethiopia. Her current research projects include: Royal Women as Political and Cultural Agents in the Horn of Africa, 1300-1650; Diplomatic, cultural, and trade contact as well as artistic transmission between Solomonic Ethiopia and Latin Christianity in the 15th and 16th century; and Jews and Christians in the East: Strategies of Interaction between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean (a European Research Council project at the Center for Religious Studies, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany).

For more on Dr. Krebs see: http://buberfellows.huji.ac.il/node/188. & https://www.jewseast.org/verena-krebs

We hope you enjoy this episode and look forward to sharing more new episodes with you soon!


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