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“PAST PERFECT!” – FIVE YEARS OF INTERVIEWS WITH CEU MEDIEVAL RADIO – Edited by long-time members/founders of CEU Medieval Radio

Dear splendid listeners,

If you are looking for a distraction from the worries of the times, what better way than to delve into the diverse and sundry aspects of the medieval world, as explained by sundry experts in a friendly and accessible way.

Our new book, just published by Trivent, is a collection of 16 interviews with experts on aspects of the Middle Ages who share their knowledge. The interviews were originally aired in our “Past Perfect!” podcast, hosted for years by Chris Mielke. Now the interviews, complete with notes and images, have been made into this neat and tidy book for Medieval Radio fans everywhere.  Please click on the link to find out more and order your own copies today! By doing so, you’ll be supporting CEU Medieval Radio, CEU itself, and its glorious Medieval Studies Department.

To find out more and order please click here.

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