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Presenting our new partner: MECERN

Hello, dear listeners,

we hope you are all doing well and beginning 2022 well-rested and in high spirits. This is very much the case for us, as we are happy to announce that we have begun a partnership with the Medieval Central Europe Research Network (MECERN), a semi-formal interdisciplinary network of scholars, students and interested others, fostering research, and spreading knowledge of medieval Central Europe. Similarly to the Medieval Radio, MECERN also originated at Central European University.

Please check out our first collaboration, a podcast produced by Karen Culver for MECERN, hosted in the CEU Medieval Radio Podcast collection. In this interview, Antonin Kalous, professor at Palacký University, Olomouc, Czech Republic talks about his recent book The Legation of Angelo Pecchinoli at the Court of the King of Hungary 1488 – 1490 which includes many personal letters between the Legate and the Pope. Professor Kalous also talks about his current research concerning late medieval religious processes and important figures in Bohemia:

In other news, you might have seen that we have started two new series: Echoes of Early, focusing on medieval and early modern crafts and music, interviewing practitioners who deal with these fields; and New Faces, New Ideas, where we interview PhD students of the CEU about their research interests. Both of these series were intiated by our Karen Culver, alumna of the Cultural Heritage Studies at CEU’s Medieval Studies department, and she is also our bridge to MECERN.

2020 and 2021 haven’t been easy on us, especially as CEU has now officially moved to Vienna. We hope to get keep producing great and exciting content for you in 2022 and to expand our knowledge on all things medieval. Thank you for your encouraging words and kind messages throughout the year!


2 thoughts on “Presenting our new partner: MECERN

  1. Dear Medieval Radio, Are you available as real radio or principally as podcasts? And if radio, what are the hours of transmission. Gretchen Dunn Maryland USA


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