Echoes of Early with Jonathan Cohen

David Rockwell interviews Jonathan Cohen, cellist, and conductor; founder of the British early music ensemble Arcangelo. To listen to the podcast please click here. Jonathan is a specialist in early modern music and period instruments and talks about challenges and problems when performing early music and balancing between historical accuracy and artistic interpretation.

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The Melodies of the Christmastide Celebrations

This article is a written version of our Christmas podcast, broadcast on CEU Medieval Radio on December 24th and 25th of 2019. The article provides background information on the study of medieval music in Hungary, medieval Christmas liturgy and introduces an album, produced in Hungary in 1978 featuring Late Medieval plainchant, and a short description of each song and their role in the religious celebrations.

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Unleash the Utrecht Psalter!!! (and the Kraken too, I suppose – he needs the exercise)!!!!

Fellow medievalists, Just today the Utrecht Psalter went on display at the Museum Catharijneconvent, open to the public!  Normally it is kept in a controlled and secluded atmosphere so the likes of you can't see it. This renowned Psalter is from the period of about 830 (Carolingian Period) and includes the art work of nine separate… Continue reading Unleash the Utrecht Psalter!!! (and the Kraken too, I suppose – he needs the exercise)!!!!

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New Album on CEU Medieval Radio

Sacred Hearts, Secret Music by Musica Secreta & Celestial Sirens has been added to CEU Medieval Radio's playlist. The album is a sixteenth-century ‘sound-track’ to Sarah Dunant’s novel Sacred Hearts, the third in her Renaissance trilogy published in July 2009. Set in 1570, the novel is about Serafina, who falls in love with her music… Continue reading New Album on CEU Medieval Radio

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Belinda Sykes and Joglaresa on the Stream

Two recent CD donations from Belinda Sykes, the director of early music band Joglaresa, have instantly become the radio team's favourites. Dancing in Tetuán and Douce Dame Debonaire  are two little gems in the early music scene, which have now been added to the stream. Thanks to the generosity of our listeners, CEU Medieval Radio… Continue reading Belinda Sykes and Joglaresa on the Stream

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More Madrigals on the Stream

Upon the request of some of our listeners, the Hilliard Ensemble's album entitled English and Italian Renaissance Madrigals (Virgin Veritas, 1999) has been added to the stream. Recently some of CEU Medieval Radio's listeners have requested more madrigals on the stream on our Facebook fan site. To satisfy this request, CEU Medieval Radio's music editor… Continue reading More Madrigals on the Stream