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Unleash the Utrecht Psalter!!! (and the Kraken too, I suppose – he needs the exercise)!!!!

Fellow medievalists,

Just today the Utrecht Psalter went on display at the Museum Catharijneconvent, open to the public!  Normally it is kept in a controlled and secluded atmosphere so the likes of you can’t see it.

This renowned Psalter is from the period of about 830 (Carolingian Period) and includes the art work of nine separate artists from the time.  It reveals clues about how people dressed in that era, how they posed when loitering around, and what sorts of weapons they carried around when they were milling about in big, aimless packs.  The artwork, in the opinion of the experts here at CEU Medieval Radio, is quite good and compares favorably with the Lascaux cave paintings made about 16,500 years prior.

So don’t let people ever tell you Dark Age artwork wasn’t up to the finest standards of cavemen.  Because it just isn’t true!

Check the links.  If you want to see the psalter, without actually having to get out of your decrepit chair, you can see the whole thing here:

If you want to read more about the month-long display of the Utrecht Psalter, check that out here:



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