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Public Lecture By Daniel Ziemann

February 13, 2013 – 18:00 – 19:30
Nador u. 9, Faculty Tower
This public lecture is held in the framework of the Faculty Research Seminar.

During the ninth century the shape of politics and political communication changed significantly. Legal terminology and juridical thinking became more important for political negotiations and the management of conflicts. One of the main factors for this development can be seen in the growing importance of Canon Law collections, which were created, copied, distributed all over the Frankish Empire. Though Canon law collections had been present in the Latin West from the 6th century on, the number of manuscripts as well as the variety of collections increased considerably during the ninth century. From the middle of the ninth century on, the use of these collections became more widespread, particularly in lawsuits against bishops.
This lecture focuses on one of the most popular Canon Law collections, the so-called “Collectio Dacheriana.” Although this collection is just a selection from two other law collections, the nature of this selection and its topical focus offer interesting insights not only into various aspects of Canon law, but also into some of the political discussions of that time.

Daniel Ziemann is Associate Professor at the Department of Medieval Studies at CEU. He is a medieval historian and received his PhD in History from the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University  in Frankfurt (Main) in 2002. Prior to his appointment at CEU in 2009, he taught at the University of Cologne.
He researches the political and legal history of the early and high Middle Ages with a special focus on Southeastern Europe and the Frankish and Holy Roman Empire. He is interested in processes of “ethnogenesis” and the mechanisms of political communication. He has published several articles on medieval Bulgaria, early medieval Canon Law, and Salian and Staufer Germany. In 2007 he published a book entitled Vom Wandervolk zur Großmacht. Die Genese Bulgarians im frühen Mittelalter 7.-9. Jh. [From a migrating people to a great power. The emergence of Bulgaria in the Early Middle Ages, 7th- 9th century A.D.]. He is currently working on the impact of Canon Law on mechanisms of political communication in the ninth century.


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