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Britons Quarrel over the Remains of Richard III

Now that the long lost remains of Richard III have been identified, it seems that deciding over the late king’s new resting place will cause troblems on par with Richard’s infamous character.

Leicester City Council and Leicester University, which conducted the archaeological dig and forensic examination, want Richard be buried at St Martin’s Cathedral in Leicester, directly across the road from the car park where Richard’s remains were found.

Some MPs are insisting he be buried at Westminster Abbey or Windsor Castle with other monarchs, while other authorities insist that since Richard was a Catholic king, he should be interned in the grand Catholic Westminster Cathedral in central London.

The city of York is also laying claim to the body since he was the last king of the House of York when he went into battle and was killed by forces from the House of Lancaster in the War of the Roses that defined the end of the Middle Ages.

Buckingham Palace has not yet commented or offered an opinion on what should be done with what is essentially a long lost relative of the royal family.


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