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‘Past Perfect!’ is Going on Holiday

It was amlost a year ago when we launched ‘Past Perfect!’, CEU Medieval Radio’s weekly talk show on medieval and early modern history and culture. As we close ‘Past Perfect!’ for August, we feel obliged to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to the making of the programme and most importantly to all of our listeners, who tuned in to the show week after week. Do not worry, all the other programmes of CEU Medieval Radio will continue as normal and in September we will be back with new episodes of ‘Past Perfect!’. Until that time we will play re-runs at the regular times and continue making earlier episodes available in podcast on the CEU Medieval Radio website.

Hosted by Christopher Mielke, ‘Past Perfect!’ has become probably the only weekly radio show in the world of online radio dedicated to medieval and early modern topics. By the show being aired on CEU Medieval Radio and in terrestrial broadcast on Civil Radio as well as it is being accessible in podcast, ‘Past Perfect!’ has reached tens of thousands of listeners worldwide, which is a result we did not dare to dream of when we started this project.

Besides the Radio Teaholidaym‘s hard work, this success would not have been possible without Civil Radio‘s facilities and the Civil Radio Team’s, most notably Márton Szigeti and Ákos Cserháti’s, support, flexibility and patience.

‘Past Perfect!’ has featured 40 experts of late Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in this season. As nobody ever rejected our invitation (which in itself is very flattering), we would like to thank not only the following scholars for appearing on the show but those too who have accepted our invitation but can only share their thoughts with Chris and the listeners in the next season. See you all in September.

Ádám Nádasdy (Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences), Alan Cameron (Columbia University), Aleks Pluskowsky (University of Reading), Alex Brown (University of Reading), Alice Choyke (CEU), Ana Maria Gruia (National History Museum of Transylvania), Angela Mariani Smith (Texas Technical University), Attila Bárány (University of Debrecen), Benedek Csalog (early music expert), Carsten Wilke (CEU), Cristian-Nicolae Gaspar (CEU), Előd Nemerkényi (National Scientific Research Fund, OTKA), Emese Sarkadi Nagy (Christian Museum Esztergom), Felicitas Schmieder (University of Hagen), Ferenc Csirkés (University of Chicago), Gábor Kaniczay (CEU), Georg Christ (University of Manchester), Gerhard Jaritz (CEU), György E. Szőnyi (CEU and University of Szeged), György Geréby (CEU), Irene Barbiera (CEU), József Laszlovszky (CEU), Marcell Sebők (CEU), Marianne Birnbaum (Columbia), Marianne Sághy (CEU), Natalie-Zemon Davis (University of Toronto), Nicholas Coureas (Cyprus Research Centre, Nicosia), Orsolya Réthelyi (Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences), Ottó Gecser (Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences), Peter Konieczny (, Peter Larson (University of Central Florida), Peter Schreiner (University of Cologne), Péter Szabó (Czech Academy of Sciences), Raffaela Cribione (New York University), Rubina Raja (Aarhus University), Sandra Sadowsky (, Tanja Tolar (School of Oriental and African Studies, London), Terry Barry (Trinity College Dublin) and Volker Menze (CEU).


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