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CEU Medieval Radio Receives More Publicity

A feature article about CEU Medieval Radio has been posted on Central European University’s main webstie It is an unlikely coincidence that the article is placed right next to a news piece about Natalie Zemon Davis, our interview with whom we have just made available in podcast, receiving the U.S. National Humanities Medal from Barack Obama. No doubt, we are in good company.

Read the excerpt below and visit for the rest of the article about the radio and the Radio Team.

Fantasy, historical fiction, and related video games gross billions of dollars per year. As a culture, we are fascinated by the past but what do we really know about it? For example, we assign qualities to the Middle Ages – it was a dark period ravaged by plague and violence, populated with ignorant, pre-Reformation simpletons. CEU Medieval Radio – the world’s only English-speaking online radio dedicated to the music and the study of the Middle Ages – aims to enlighten listeners about the medieval and early modern eras. With barely a €300 annual budget and a lot of dedication, CEU students Tamas Kiss, Kyra Lyublyanovics, Zsuzsanna Eke, and Christopher Mielke have turned their brainchild into a popular audio destination with over 13,000 listeners per month from 142 countries.

“A pair of Hungarian teenagers appeared on the CEU Medieval Radio Facebook page, chatting about the station and these guys are into medieval fantasy games,” said Kiss. “This is an opportunity to teach people drawn into the Middle Ages via computer games about the real Middle Ages.”

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