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Next Year Don’t Forget to Celebrate Nasir al-Din Tusi Day!

The Middle Ages wouldn’t be what they are without the Mongol Empire! But did you know that the Mongols didn’t always just kill people? They were also interested in patronizing scientists and artists, particularly in Iran.

About a month ago, it was Nasir al-Din Tusi Day in Iran. Nasir al-Din Tusi was a scientist who was captured by the Mongols in Iran. The Mongol khan, Hulegu, then funded him in his various projects and he built a mighty astronomical observatory and library, staffed by Persian and Chinese workers. The attached article shows you the foundations of one of these buildings.

Next February 23rd, don’t forget to celebrate Nasir al-Din Tusi Day, by perhaps staring at the moon, staring at the sun, or maybe just writing a treatise on geometry.


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