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Justice to the “Hunchbacked Toad”

Huzzah! Today is a great day. Richard III, despised tyrant of Shakespeare’s play, is being reburied with full honours and much fanfare. A troop of 200 children followed Richard III and his funeral bier to Leicester Cathedral, and this time around, not one of the children in Richard’s company simply vanished.

This shows that Richard III is ready to be rehabilitated and even accepted as a great, honest, and wonderful monarch of England. As such, that requires that the Telegraph set the record straight. Read this interesting article about how Richard III was not actually Shakespeare’s so-called “hunchbacked toad” but just had a mild (?) case of scoliosis. The article also points out Richard III’s reforms based on justice, truth, etc. No word, though, in this article on what happened to his nephew, the king Edward V, that Richard III was supposed to be babysitting. Oh well……/Richard-III-A-hero-maligned-by…


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