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Reconstruction of the Medieval Crown of Bulgarian Monarchs

photo_verybig_172367Good news to all of our listeners who deplore the loss of the medieval crown of Bulgaria’s kings!

Recently the crown of Bulgaria’s medieval kings was reconstructed and is now being exhibited in Sofia’s National History Museum

Check the link!

The crown was created for kings of the second Bulgarian dynasty around 1200.  Bulgaria’s earlier crowns disappeared in wars with the Byzantine Empire.

This crown too disappeared when the Ottomans conquered Bulgaria.  They took it to Istanbul, or Constantinople, and whatever happened to it there is nobody’s business but the Turks’.

Fortunately though the crown was able to be constructed because we have both an image of the crown in a fresco, and details about its weight and materials.  The making of this replica didn’t cut corners either!  They used real jewels and gold, relying on generous donations from a certain, mysterious “Mister Simeon II” and other generous and anonymous donors.  Hopefully Bulgaria will hold onto this one for a long while.

Long live the kings of Bulgaria, and long live historical reconstructions.


One thought on “Reconstruction of the Medieval Crown of Bulgarian Monarchs

  1. Well, I’m glad that the Bulgarian monarchy is out of power as I am not a monarchist, but it is always good to learn about one’s history. I would imagine that Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is not itching to grab what the mysterious “Mister Simeon II” and his cohort has just underwritten. The crown is safe.

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