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Dearest listeners and voyeurs,

CEU Medieval Radio wishes all of you a most salubrious 2016, full of good happenings!

The year ended on a happy note for a former physics teacher, cum medieval pilgrim, Steven Payne who walked the medieval pilgrim’s route from Southampton to Canterbury this month.  He completed the journey, arriving in Canterbury a day or two ago where he was greeted by various dignitaries, such as the mayor of the city and the canon of the cathedral.

Here’s the amazing thing though:  He did it dressed like a medieval pilgrim, and with a medieval pilgrim’s supposed diet, and sleeping on the floor of churches or even outdoors just like the medieval pilgrims would do.  Check the link:

Even his ipad and cell phone wore a shell on their respective collars during the pilgrimage, and word has it that his ipad has since taken the cross.

The Vatican even wrote Steven a letter of encouragement, while no doubt fearing copycats might emerge who will also expect a letter.  Steven says it was a rewarding experience and travelling the medieval way gives one a lot of time to put things in perspective.

Definitely medieval people liked travelling too, and not just in England or Europe.  Yesterday I was reading about a Sufi mystic in Persia who was visited by a fellow who was all excited about going on the hajj pilgrimage, saying he’d saved up 1000 dirhams for the journey.

The Sufi mystic said, “Why are you doing it?  For the fun of adventure and seeing new places, or to please God?”

Dude said, “To please God, of course.”

So the Sufi asked the guy if he would cancel the trip and use the money in his hometown if it would please God even more than going on the hajj.

Dude said, “Yep.”

So then the Sufi said that he should give it all away to his poor neighbors if the real reason for his intended trip was to please God.  Otherwise, he should admit the real reason for going on the trip.  At which point, the guy was cornered and just said, “Fine!  I just want to travel and see other places and that’s what I’m doing this for.”

In short, TRAVELLING WAS AND _87419833_1e03334d-ee26-4f6f-ad4c-ff9673b6c28e.jpgIS FUN!!!!  Hopefully 2016 brings ye all an adventure or two.


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